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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  September 6, 2016 2:07am-2:38am CDT

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?? >> announcer: right now, from milwaukee, this is today's tmj4 live at 10:00. >> new at 10:00, police on the lookout for the driver of this car who smashed into a busy north side restaurant while customers were inside. >> two that suv slammed into the barbecue late last night. >> despite the damage, the owner was determined to open today for labor day dining. >> rebecca klopf is live outside the restaurant that has been dishing up barbecue since the 60s. >> that's right, george and shannon. these boards are all that's left of the front wall of this restaurant. yesterday, a suv drove through this area, crashed over a concrete barrier, went into the
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waiting for their food. ashley's barbecue has a new look, temporarily, chairs set up outside, the front cashiers are running orders to cars instead of the lobby because this is what's left. a suv plowed into it with a customer inside. one person sitting next to the wall that the suv drove through. >> and people were sitting here. >> andpl and, again, thank god no one was killed. >> the owner says the driver first got out of his suv and checked on everyone, but then took off. ashley says two customers were hurt, both by flying concrete. >> i've been in almost almost 18 years. of course, you wouldn't expect anything to happen. we have barriers set up. >> despite the damage to the front, ashley was cleared to keep cooking, and his customers were lining up for it. >> i don't care. it is not affecting the food.
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day, he couldn't turn away his customers. >> i didn't feel like cooking, since this is the best rib place in town, i came over here to get me some. >> reporter: now, the owner's not sure yet how he's going to be rehabbing his restaurant. police are still looking for the driver of the suv. rebecca klopf, today's tmj4. new at 10:00, grafton man died in a motorcycle crash in the town of trenton. the victim was discovered in a ditch around 2:00 this afternoon by another driver along county highway m. the victim was alert, but later died from his injuries. police in oconomowok are looking for two men who robbed tobin's gift and pharmacy this weekend. the owner said the men were in and out within two minutes, taking off with controlled substances from the pharmacy, if
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to call police. well, the healing in sherman park continues as county workers remove a temporary orange fence for the second time. it was originally taken down sunday morning by order of the county executive. but sheriff david clarke had it put back up. a judge ultimately decided the fence should come down and issued a restraining order against the sheriff preventing him from putting the fence back up. >> the sheriff was all over the media, saying that he was going to arrest me, or whatever. i'm not interested is a waste of my time and yours, i'm interesting in giving the community its park back. >> with the fence down, the park goes back to regular closing time, 10:00 p.m. families say they are glad to see things returning to normal. >> everybody shouldn't be punished for this. we want to be able to come to the park and relax and not have to worry about being caged in. that's basically what they were doing. >> the regular hours will remain until at least wednesday when there is another court date set
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closing sherman park. a swim warning remains in effect for ozaukee and sheboygan counties, coreen zell in sheboygan where the coast guard closed the south pier when strong winds and high waves made it too dangerous to walk along. the waves are so strong and high, they're tumbling over the pier, the coast guard's warning for swimmers is still in effect. a day at the beach for these families, an ideal way to spend the holidays, a perfect way to >> i get to like splash around and stuff. >> cold water, big waves and a warning from the coast guard about dangerous swimming conditions in sheboygan and ozaukee counties didn't keep people out of the water. >> i got in the water with them. but there's definitely a rip current in there. >> the coast guard asked anyone entering the water to use extreme caution. >> on the water, looking at 25 knots, pretty step out there,
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before heading in. >> my husband is in there, and each one watches one kid. the waves are pretty strong. >> you got to make sure your kids know how to swim, too. they'll get out there, and they'll scoop them away. >> sheboygan police closed the south pier because of high waves. fishermen don't mind staying close to show. in august, there were 11 deaths in lake michigan. in 2015, there were 18 the whole year. >> more often than judgment out there, if it looks like it might be dangerous, it probably is. >> one of the biggest mistakes people make is overloading boats. the swim warning is in effect until 11 tonight. reporting in sheboygan, coreen zell, today's tmj4. well, a lot of people were at the beach today trying to stay cool. full-blown summer made a labor day encore. >> john: if you like the warm and humid air today, you're
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even warmer, and a little more humid. this was a traditional last day of summer. look at that. 88? in milwaukee, 87 racine and kenosha and sheboygan with mid 80s just about every where else, and the humidity is trickled up into the mid 60s. dew point of 67 in watertown, racine and milwaukee, it is starting to really feel sticky out there. i think the dew points will jump into the 70s tomorrow. nothing to talk about in the sky. mostly clear wisconsin had showers and storms dissipate out to the north and northwest. that's where all the action is. and they're going to see more of that over the next 24 hours. our storms moves in tuesday night, and into wednesday. mostly sunny skies, and 73? to start your day tomorrow, i know a lot of kids going back to school. it is going to be a warm and humid day. i'll tell you how hot it gets in a few minutes. where is hurricane hermine
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cyclone, stalled off the east coast. it didn't make landfall today, it managed to ruin the labor day holiday at some very popular beaches. hermine is expected to weaken through the week. new at 10:00, a wisconsin couple looking to reunite a dog with its owners after they say the dog floated down the mississippi river. last week, the family saw the beagle struggling in the fast-moving current while camping at the big h campground. they named the beagle annie and say the name >> the night she came in it was our wedding anniversary. he thought that was cute to name her annie for annie-versary. >> annie is deaf. it doesn't seem to deter annie from her daily rolling around and stuff. outdoor enthusiasts could see new attractions around milwaukee county. the parks department proposing
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leaf trail to a sports complex in franklin. if the proposal passes, the project would be complete next fall. tomorrow is the last day to check out the botanical gardens for free. milwaukee county residents have been able to take advantage of the offer each first tuesday during the summer months. the deadline is ending for section 8 housing. 2 thousand people will be selected. the first time in 15 years. locations, you can head to our web site, check this out. labor day looked more like christmas day at the racine police department. volunteers organized adopt a cop event, creating a personalized gift to say thank you to officers. the officers were treated to a free labor day lunch courtesy of the olive garden. remembering contributions of regular workers and what they make to the economy.
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parade want to make sure this tradition is passed on to their children. >> well, justice, number one, certainly the fight for $15 wage increase will be number two. number three will be immigration rights and number 4, certainly peace on the earth, good will towards all citizens. >> and here in milwaukee, a historically union-strong city, there is still strong interest in membership in the trade unions. phyllis schlafly died at the age of 92. she battled equal rights. she adopted donald trump for president. decision 2016 coverage now. presidential candidates didn't take the day off with labor day marking the unofficial home stretch of the race to the white house. as donald trump and hillary
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battleground state of ohio, there was a moment when their planes were both parked just feet away from each other on the tarmac. trump's advisors are trying again to clarify his immigration plan while clinton's campaign is dealing with the ongoing questions about her use of an email server. president obama has become the first sitting u.s. president to visit the isolated land-locked southeast asian nation of lao. he landed to -- a dark chapter in the two countries. he plans to acknowledge a cause by a u.s. campaign in the war with the country. he flew in from china where he was attending the g-20 summit. president obama is backing collin kaepernick. he refused to stand for the star-spangled banner for the pre-season game.
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kaepernick is engaged in the democratic process and pointed out protests from athletes are not new to the u.s. >> president barack obama: i don't doubt his sincerity, based on what i've heard. i think he cares about some real legitimate issues that have to be talked about. and, if nothing else, what he's done is he's generated more conversation around some topics that need to be td >> kaepernick's been heavily criticized since starting his silent protest. he said he's not an anti-american gesture but a means to bring attention to what he sees as racial injustice. he's struck between desks at the office and greeted by his colleagues. >> known as the smut mutt.
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?? take a look at this. a woman in florida is facing charges after trying to set her ex boyfriend's car on fire. in the video, you can see her fanning the flames inside the trunk of this white vehicle. the woman thought the car belonged to her former boyfriend, it turns out it didn't. either way, she has been promptly arrested, now faces a
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next at 10:00, in utah, a police department's newest crime-fighting tool, helping put away some of the country's most predatory and dangerous criminals. this black lab earl searched out electronic media. one of fewer than two dozen such dogs in the united states that hunts the unique chemical compound that's emitted from flash drives, memory cards, cell phones, and o devices. >> even if he worked ten years, and we were only able to get one really bad guy, to me, that's worth it. >> he sniffs porn. a k9 was accused to catch a cyber criminal. convicted of child pornography and other charges last year. these k9s don't come cheap. he cost about $10,000.
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wetterling case. found 27 years after his disappearance. >> people continue to show support for the family, we're learning the boy was buried in some of the same clothes the night he was kidnapped. >> those who helped search for him in 1989 were well aware that when the 11-year-old was kidnapped, he was wearing a red saint cloud hockey jacket, red tee-shirt, blue sweat pants and white tennis shoes. sources confirm that some of that clothing was with jacob's remains buried on a farm near painesville. danny hinerick named as a person of interest. according to court documents, his shoe print and tire tracks matched those found at the scene of the kidnapping. investigators interviewed him at
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denied knowing anything about it. investigators have believed since 1989 that the man who took jacob was the same person who nine months earlier kidnapped and sexual assaulted 12-year-old in cold bring. last year investigators matched dna on clothing to him. many questions remain what brought the attacker to that quiet road in was it hinerick? did he act alone. how did they get him to talk. >> legal experts believe there must have been a plea bargain, and possibly immunity. jacob's mom put out a statement saying her family is deeply grieving. for those who want to help, do this, say a prayer, light a candle, be a friend, play with your children, giggle, hold
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check this out, preschoolers wanted to go see their grandmother. a 5 and 3-year-old got into their mom's suv and promptly put it in drive, driving it right through a nearby intersection where they crashed into another car. police in washington state posting these pictures on facebook. fortunately the children were not hurt. the driver of the other car walked away with minor injuries. no word on if mom and dad will face charges. it was did you get out and enjoy what is left of the holiday weekend? >> we caught folks taking to the river walk, others taking a boat through downtown. here are pictures. there's the boat. john malan with us now, and john, the heat is back on, isn't it? >> john: look at that picture, it tells you everything, what a great 4-day holiday weekend, friday, no humidity, 72. saturday, 74. again, low humidity, lots of
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but we got more humid air in on top of everything else. but, again, no rain, and no big cloud area coming in, just a beautiful holiday weekend. and more heat for tomorrow. 90 in des moines. you see cooler air to the north and west. that will be pushing in toward the end of the week, along with lower dew points. 70s tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be hot 78 is your current temperature. we're not going to drop too much further, probably 72? overnight tonight. 73? now in waukesha, so whitewater, 72? out in watertown. we had a couple of clouds to our north earlier today with a couple of showers building there. that has dissipated, we're going to see mostly clear sky. all of the real weather is along a boundary north and west. that will slowly sink this way tomorrow night, and into
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it starts to move in tomorrow. push in to northwest wisconsin, most of the rain will stay there. tomorrow evening and into the overnight hours, we'll be watching this line of showers and storms. some of those can roll in here very late tomorrow night towards the morning hours. then wednesday afternoon, we're going to see showers and storms building across the area. they could stick around into wednesday night. so your forecast for tonight is a warm humid summer-likeir southwest wind and 71 uncomfortable degrees for tomorrow. 90 with sunny to partly cloudy skies, hazy, breezy, and again, humid. right on into wednesday, showers and storms are likely at times. very warm and muggy still, a high of only 85?. it does get better. towards the end of the week. thursday, back down to 81. maybe a morning lingering shower, then 70s friday, 76 with small chance of an isolated shower.
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in, 72?. 74 with plenty of sunshine on sunday. and then we stay in the 70s to start next week. en though this is the traditional end of summer, it's holding on. >> it is, indeed.
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really won't know until the regular season starts on how the packers offensive line will be affected now that josh sitton is gone. his former teammates in green bay were stunned when he got released over the weekend. sitton was one of the best in the game, getting elected to three pro bowls in green bay. not only aaron rodgers' best protecters, he was the leader of the here's lang on losing one of his best friends in the locker room. >> i think we were all pretty devastated, confused, shocked. saw him saturday night. i had a feeling he was going to get picked up pretty soon. talked yesterday when he told me he was going to chicago. obviously i'm very happy for
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selfishly. >> we got to play a game here shortly against a good team with a good defense. like you said, it's tough on guys that have been around a long time. not only a great player, but really great friend. >> there's josh sitton working out with his new team, the chicago bears, sitting wearing his same number up in green bay, 71. the packers will have to face him twice a year. >> didn't have anything to do with more familiar with the division. close to where i was. >> i like the weather up here. you know, we got a few other interests -- >> coming up on our second segment of sports, i'll show you
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a tough afternoon for the brewers at miller park after the cubs snapped a four-game winning streak. chris carter smacks his 33rd homerun of the season. brewers up 1-0. the cubs up 5-1.
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single to right, chicago up 7-1. the brewers got a homerun from ryan braun, 25th of the season. it wouldn't be enough. chicago gets their 89th win of the season taking game one 7-2. college football, the lsu tigers suspended josh...for one game, dixon sealed the game with an interception and took this vicious hit for the got when it's summer you can just feel it. but it also leaves your feet feeling rough.
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to reveal salon pedicure smoothness. feel the difference for yourself. amop?. love every step. now save $15 in your sunday paper
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here are your winning super cash numbers. 6, 11, 16, 27, 34, 35, sorry america, no doubler tonight. >> john: going to to be a hot one tomorrow. 72 to start your day. 86 at -- i thought you would break out in song. 90 at 6:00. lots of hu tomorrow night and into wednesday. it's warm in here. >> how long before the dust settles on this josh sitton thing. to release a three-time pro bowl right before the season starts, shocking, the biggest news in the nfl. something happened. and they decided to go in a different direction. lane taylor is going to have to step in and fill those big
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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. hello. it is funday monday, september 5th. happy labor day to everybody. hopefully, you are taking a little break from your labors. happy labor day, hoda woman. >> happy labor day for you. that's "hire" by carly ray jepson. there is good news. it is not the end of summer.


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